II. Setting & The Gods

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II. Setting & The Gods

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Welcome to Ozulon. The year is 960AWE, the world is still in turmoil even after nearly a millennia without large scale war. While small battle still rage on between factions, guilds, or races; the world is calm for the most part. Nine hundred, sixty years ago the world was plunged into chaos at the will of three corrupt gods. Their desire to rule over the others had created a war in the heavens that was brought to Ozulon, and eventually had pulled in every known race. At the end of the war, the land was ravaged and left a shell of its' former glory. The Fae were reduced to less than a quarter their original numbers, and their Enchanted Forest fared no better. The Kitsune, Vampires, Mer-Folk, Demi-Mer-Folk, and dozens of other races had been obliterated and their homes lay as little more than memories in a desolate wasteland called 'The Scar' that now serves as refuge for the Lurkers. What was once a vast mountain range, lush and teaming with life most of the year is now a land of ice, snow, harsh winds, and brutal struggles called Glacies' Vale. Lastly, the mountains in the center of Ozulon, the Glory Mountains as they were once called, now lay at below sea level- renamed the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

But Ozulon was not the only place to see great pain, for the gods who once numbered in the hundreds and were the direct descendants of the universe had now numbered just twelve. They had all agreed that they required leadership, and that they had no place in Ozulon, and left the war torn world so that it can heal while only intervening for the benefit of it.

The God of Warmth, Passion, and Fire, Ignis had not accepted the role so easily as he believed that the eldest should be the leaders- but that is why they chose him. His mortal form takes the visage of a lion with a flaming mane and a light that can be seen for miles around. His patience is great, and was the most unbiased of the twelve divines.

The God of Water, Levyathan was appointed to the role of watching over the sea and all within it. Taking the form of a human, he takes joy in interacting with mortals of all races, genders, and skin colors and watching as the gods' foolish and petty war becomes a thing of the past. He answers directly to Duir, and respect the other eleven as his equals and comrades.

The Goddess of Gale, and an advocate for peace; Aura does not regret creating The Scar. Her actions were caused by the fact that the war was fueled by weapons made from the death of trillions, and to end that death would remove the weapons and bring about an end to the conflict. Her regret is that so many innocents were caught in her attack, and she remembers as many of their names as possible; but even a goddess is not perfect enough to remember them all. Aura speaks with a soft voice, calm, and gentle just as a spring breeze and equally warm. She takes the form of a human while walking among mortals.

The Goddess of Earth, and the one charged with deciding when intervention is necessary; Tera is represented by a pair of scales by her followers. She takes the form of a Cherub, one of the many races that Aura killed during the war while walking among mortals. Many describe their brief interactions with her as odd, as she doesn't act as a goddess should, but rather is playful. Tera enjoys challenging mortals to explore the world, discover new lands in vast games of hide and seek, and rewards those who win greatly.

Glacies, the Goddess of Ice and the creator of Glacies' Vale. She remains the only mortal in existance to ever become a Goddess. In life, she saw the God Wars unfold before her very eyes. She watched her village reduced to ash and cinder at the behest of the Un-god Caron. It was this that fueled her to become stronger than any elf ever was, and at the age of twenty she cast a spell so great that it killed her and froze over the entire northern half of Ozulon. Instead of being returned to the stream of life, Cary resurrected her as a Goddess and gave her a second purpose in life.

Duir stands as the Elder God of Nature, Balance, and Survival. He takes the form of a colossal being made of plants while walking around on Ozulon. His role is to decide which of the gods or goddesses intervene with mortals, and how they're permitted to do so. His word is absolute, and none of the others question his judgement. It was Duir who ordered the Scar, Land of a Thousand Lakes, and formation of many of Ozulons' natural habitat.

Dianichi is the god worshiped by travelers, treasure hunters, adventure seekers, thieves, and brigands alike. He is the god of Prosperity, as well as Depravity. It's at his will that a thief makes a great score, a sickly man survives another night, and a homeless man stumbles across a crate of gold bricks. It's also at his discretion when a thief falls into a trap, a man becomes sickly, and a wealthy noble becomes a homeless peasant. His mortal form is that of a human.

Promethius is regarded as the friendliest centaur a man could meet. He enjoys a good drink, a good laugh, a great time and a damn good tale. He's the god of choice for crafters, traders, herbalists, and artisans of all sorts. It's by his glory that every strike against steel forms a blade, every herb is strong, and every tome crafted is powerful. While not the most important, or powerful of the twelve divines, he's one of the most loved.

God of the Nords, simply because he takes their form sometimes; Astarot is the god of Space and Arrangement. He governs the laws of physics, and commands the bodies of heaven to move as they do. The second oldest of the Gods, his authority is equal to Duirs' and is enough to overrule his orders. Astarot enjoys watching a good fight, and doesn't take a side of good or evil, but rather the side of the ones who fight with the most spirit. Because he can't be bothered with right and wrong, Astarot has never once used his authority to stop the God of Nature.

The Eldest of the Elder Gods, the first one created by the universe... His name is known across all Time and Existence, and his roar is remembered by all who hear it; Galaurung. The God of Time who takes the form of a Dragon that terrifies other Dragons. He's regarded as being wise, and patient. His desire to set the world right is only second place to preventing it from going further south. It is to Galaurung that Duir consults when in need of advice, and to Galaurung that Ignis bows his head. But Galaurung is not so arrogant as to consider himself above them, for he chose Ignis to lead them, and has never once regretted that decision.

The twin goddesses, Neala and Cary are Life and Death respectively. They were created only seconds after Duir, and both enjoy toying with him. Neala is seen as a lively person, taking the form of an elf and often times being seen near vicious animals smiling and playing with them. Most who practice Light or Healing based magic pray to her, and try to walk in her path. Neala appears to those who repair the shrines of Cary to express her gratitude.

Cary is a flirtatious goddess who enjoys taking the form of an Amazon and using her vivacious curves to steal men's' hearts. She's never once fallen in love, or laid with a man as her hobby is to send them on wild escapades through the land on seemingly impossible tasks and watching them do it from afar. At the end of their paths, should they survive, she grants them the deepest desire of their mortal heart so long as it doesn't disrupt the balance of the world. Cary is worshiped by those who prefer to cripple their enemies, but not kill them. She's prayed to by Necromancers, and those who specialize in debuffing and crowd control magic. Cary will appear to anyone who repairs one of Neala's shrines to show gratitude.
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