IV: Classes

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IV: Classes

Post by Game Master on Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:25 pm

is the name given to the group of individuals who favor charging the line, getting up close and personal with their enemies, and slashing them open. They normally wear heavy armour but can sometimes use medium. They all are given a set of melee gear when they start their journey or after registerring with their preferred faction.

is the name given to those who prefer stealth, range, and/or precision for fighting. These individuals favor the mobility offerred by medium armour; leathers, hides, or ceramic plated gear. Sometimes they will use clothes like mages do if they feel confident in their ability to avoid close quarters combat all together. Those who start as a Banshee class fighter begin their journey with Ranged armour.

would be the name of the mages of this world. They prefer keeping their distance and having nothing to effect their ability to cast magic. Clothes are preferred as they weigh little, feel natural, and require no training to adapt to. Because of this, all Wraiths are given a set of arcane robes to begin their journey with.
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