Enchanted Forest Fae

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Enchanted Forest Fae

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The Fae have existed for centuries. Originally living at peace with the other mortal races, as you know. However, as their lives were interrupted by the God Wars and they were forced to fight Mortal and God for survival they evolved to be more aggressive than before. Retaining their immense beauty, they boast power over nature itself. As Fae Hunting is a thing, it stands to reason that there's quite a bit of information about them. This page is a culmination of the knowledge of many dead hunters and huntresses, use it well and may Dianichi smile on you.

Race: Fae
Habitat: Enchanted Forest
Bait: None
Danger Level: High
Numbers: Unknown
Preferred Style: Magic

Element: Nature

Passive Abilities:
• Nature's Wrath
Fae are capable of controlling plants with their minds. They can cause vines to grow from the ground at will, as well as make entire gardens of flowers sprout in seconds. The strength of the plants they use to attack is dependent on the Faes' "Control" stat, and unlike the Fae who leave the forest (players) they CAN use magic while doing this.
• Growth
Fae are able to change their size. While normally only a few inches tall, Fae can grow to the size of an average human of their gender. While no one's seen the Enchanted Forest Fae do this, we know they can. They just choose not to since they prefer to stay as small a target as possible.
• Photosynthesis
The Fae of the Enchanted Forest can heal themselves with direct sunlight. The healing isn't particularly fast, but battles with them aren't either. It's advised to use animal venom, or some form of effect that deals small bits of damage over a period of time to counter this.
• Small Size
Attacks with Melee weapons don't work on the Fae. Like trying to swat a fly, they're so tiny that the wind pressure around melee weapons just sweeps them out of the way of the attack.
• Support Unit
While a Fae is present, all of your enemies gain +1 to their attributes and have a passive regeneration. They also become more coordinated, and tactical in their movements, making them harder to deal with.
• Duir's Blessing
These Fae have +5 to their Control, Agility, and Speed attributes.

Magic Attacks:
• Vine Snare
A vine shoots out the ground and tries to tangle your legs. It can be broken up easily, but will still slow you down in the process.
• Bouquet Coffin
A strange dust is thrown everywhere. Each particle that lands on you causes a flower to grow instantly until there's so many flowers you can't move from the weight. This takes a post to occur, and lasts for 5 posts or until the flowers are removed (whichever's shorter).
• Treant
A tree begins moving, using its' roots as feet and attacks you with melee combat. It's not too fast, but it's extremely durable because it's a tree.
• Grass Blades
The grass around you begins growing and slashing at you repeatedly. The cuts are small but they sting horribly, and no armour is tight enough to stop the blades of grass from getting inside.
• Root Spear
Roots fire from the ground in an attempt to impale you. They're so hard and sharp that almost no armour can withstand them.
• Light Cannon
Light filtering from above becomes brighter to the point where it feels like you're being crushed by the light. Those wearing metal will feel the material become painfully hot.
• Vine Whip
Vines from all over begin whipping at you, trying to grab your arms and legs, or even trying to tear off pieces of your clothes/armour to make weak spots for attacking later.
• Devil's Snare
The ground below you turns into an amalgam of vines that try to grab you by the throat and slam you to the ground. They'll continue tightening until you're completely dead, afterwards they'll drag you underground and turn your body into nutrition. Some reports have come in that by relaxing completely causes the vines to release you after a minute, it's unknown why.
• Mandragora's Wail
An ear shattering, bone chilling, blood curdling scream is heard coming from all directions. Those without proper protection will be instantly paralyzed for a post, and half deaf for the post after that.
• Sweet Morning Glory
Small vines wrap around the trees around you, and cover the floor below and sprout small, bell shaped flowers. The base of the flower is white, and transitions into a violet top. They begin releasing their pollen in unnatural quantities. The air turns a light golden color, and for the next three posts you begin seeing things... On top of the Faes' position, you see monsters attacking, sounds out of nowhere, the scenery changes making it so you're liable to slam yourself into a tree. Those without proper protection are better off just standing still.
• Sensitize
A single target spell that increases the sensitivity of a single target by 10 times. This doesn't stack, but rather multiplies with successive uses. 10 becomes 100, becomes 1,000 and so on. The Fae can use this in rapid succession, so be wary.
• Kaleidoscope Butterfly Trap
The world around you becomes consumed by Kaleidoscope Butterfly bushes, flowers with a multitude of different colors. All of the flowers on the bushes are so tightly packed together, and their range of colors are so extensive, and so randomly placed that it's impossible to look at them without feeling sick to your stomach. What's more, the Fae are able to blend in perfectly with them.
• Dryad
A large tree with a Fae merged with it. The tree's able to attack with vines, and flower magic just like the Fae but is larger and much more durable. It's speed is greater than a Treant, but its' physical attacks aren't as powerful.
• Ent
A tree with a Romanesque form. Arms, legs, and a very much identifiable face with a tree trunk for a body paint the picture pretty well. They're able to move around as fast as any normal human, and can fire wooden spikes from their hands. They're able to make the trees around them fire more spikes without losing mass, and are extremely tough.
• Entomological Warfare
Insects of all kinds begin surrounding and attacking you. Not just small ones, but some are as big as a Lurker! They're mostly non-venomous kinds, but on occasion a few people have returned dead because of a random recluse or ten.
• Ornithological Warfare
Birds of all kinds, and sizes come down from the canopy and skies above to attack you and your team if you're with one. They're a mix of normally harmless birds like pigeons and crows, and birds of prey like ospreys, falcons, and eagles.
• Sacrifice
The Fae is capable of sacrificing itself, making it so everything on and in the Fairy becomes one with the world and it drops nothing at all. This can be done post-death.
• Centaur Call
Five centaurs show up, this always happens just before the Fae is about to be defeated. The only time it doesn't happen is if the Fae is already dead, but this normally means that its' heart was crushed.

• Arrows, Bolts, Darts
• Fire Magic
• Venom Attacks
• Acid Attacks
• Area of Effect
• Damage Over Time

• Poison Magic
• Water Magic
• Air Magic
• Nature Magic

Possible Loot:
• 1 Fae Heart - Can be made into a magic weapon, arcane armour, or sold for 500,000e.
• 1 Crushed Fae Heart - Can be sold for 10,000e.
• Grimoire/Tome - Random, is always 4 ranks below you (or Rank 1 if not possible)
• Old War Artifacts - Rare items that seem to hold some divine connection, what are they?
• Nothing - Quite literally nothing, not even the heart was salvageable.

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