Official: Equipment Approval Template

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Official: Equipment Approval Template

Post by Game Master on Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:54 am

Equipment Name: Name of the piece of equipment
Classification: Accessory, Armour, Charm, or Weapon?
Holding: Single Handed, Two Handed, Armour Coverage, or Charm/Accessory location
Level: What level is the gear?
Description: A description of what the equipment looks like, or a picture if you have one. Please resize all images to a maximum of 400px wide, and 250px high.

Please copy and paste this code for each item ability.
Ability Name: Name of the ability
Type: Support/Offense/Healing/Defense
Element: What element is the ability? Non-Elemental, Fire, Water, Squid?
Usage: Passive, or Active? If active, what's the maximum number of times per thread it can be used before costing MP equal to a spell of the equipment's level?
Description: A very brief description of the ability.
Effect: A more in-depth description of the ability, including how to activate it if it's an active ability.

[b]Equipment Name[/b]:

[b]Ability Name[/b]:
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