Zelya Cisti

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Zelya Cisti

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Zelya Cisti

Race: Human
Class: Wraith
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Faction: Tartaros
Guild: Solar Phoenix

Physical Appearance

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 106pounds
Eye Color: Magenta
Heir Color: Orange
Hair Length: Long
Skin Color: Pale
Special Looks: Has fox ears and a tail, similar to the extinct Kitsune race due to a side effect of her history with Neala.
Normal Attire: Zelya wears an orange minidress with no sleeves. It has gold trimming, and laces on the sides of her stomach to add some flare. Around her waist is a light tan fur cloak held up by a black belt. Around her neck is a fur necklace that's the same shade of tan as her cloak. On her feet are a pair of orange boots that run all the way up to the middle of her thighs. Starting from an inch above her knees and ending at her thighs, the boots have a split on the sides where gold lacing keeps the split held together. A gold trimming lines the tops of the boots, and a gold chevron is on the middle of each foot of the boots with highly ornate orange engravings inside. Zelya wears a Golden Phoenix tattoo on her upper-right arm that's the same shade of orange as her clothes, with the same gold trimming so as to not clash.
Combat Attire: Same as Normal Attire.


From birth, Zelya was always alone. At home her parents favored her elder brother, and she couldn't blame them. He was smart, he was fast, he was strong, and he was a leader; she was none of that. At her local school house the older kids stayed away from her because she had a volitile temper, and the other kids avoided her because they were afraid her stupid would rub off on them. She was terrible at everything. Her reading skills took years to show even the slightest ioda of progress, her writing skills took longer. She was bad at math, the numbers gave her headaches. She couldn't begin to understand astrology, how fire could burn when there was no oxygen, and be burning for millions of years.

After her tenth birthday, Zelya had ran away from home. She never thought to bring any food, or something to put water in, or even a weapon. She kept running until she was tired, and unable to run any further. After a month of starving, young Zelya was on her last legs and ready to accept her fate. It was in this moment when a woman with blonde hair appeared before her and healed her wounds, and revived her weak body. Neala was her name, and she kept Zelya company for that night before departing. When Zelya woke up, she found a new purpose in life in wanting to meet the goddess again. She spent the next five years running, but not from something, but rather towards it. She began learning which plants were safe to eat the painful way, and how to hunt through trial and error. It was hard at first for her to have to wring a rabbit's neck, but after some time she'd accepted that was the way of nature.

At the end of her long road, she'd come across a shrine that was desecrated. Following her instincts she cleaned it off, and was greeted by the person she wanted to see again. Neala hadn't expected to come across the same human twice, and decided to bestow a blessing on her. However, this blessing had become mixed with that of another god. Zelya had embraced nature for so long that Duir's blessing was already on her, so when Neala added her own it caused a mutation in Zelya. Zelya grew a fox tail, and ears and her hair became the color of the only good thing she had going for her, fire; passion to keep going. Zelya hadn't expected the mutation, nor did she expect to find Neala, but she accepted them both.

Neala didn't apologize for the blessing she'd delivered, nor the after effect. She could tell that at her core, Zelya was what she'd become. Unfortunately for her, Zelya hadn't enough time to speak with the goddess before blacking out. When she awoke, she was in a strange transport with a strange man. After a long conversation, she'd found out he was the one who owned the land her village was on. She also learned that her family was dead, bandits came several years ago and wiped the village off the map. Zelya felt pain from that knowledge even though she was never truly welcome at home. He'd offerred her a home so long as she promised to become more civilized. She had to learn the subjects she'd failed before, and even after five more years she was only able to perform at a basic level.

Something the High King noticed was that Zelya was extremely good at making her peers feel better. Even if they performed worse than her, which was an accomplishment, they never left the building without a smile. She was something of a leader, and so he moved her from learning to leading discovery expeditions. It was there that she shone brightly, and did so for three full years. At the age of twenty three, the old leader of one of the High King's guilds had passed of old age and he'd appointed Zelya as the new one. The guild, especially the older members, didn't take kindly to the action and over the next year Zelya had worked tirelessly to rectify that. While she wasn't universally loved by the guild, but the guild has seen her take hits for their members enough to know she'll be damned if she lets them die. They respect her as their leader, and know they can ask her for help which is enough for Zelya.

From a powerful and caring leader, to a weak and scared girl; Zelya has an extensive personality. Regardless of which side of her is seen, she's always passionate about things. She gets into anything she decides to do, whether it's something as challenging as protecting a friend, or as mundane as cooking bread she always goes all in. Zelya is seen by the public eye as the poster girl for Solar Phoenix, representing everything it was supposed to be. She's strong, never looks to the floor, always stands tall and looks ahead. She's willing to put everything on the line that for what she believes in, and consistently aims to exceed expectations. She's friendly, and smiles often, radiating a welcoming aura that makes even cold hearted killers want to lay down their insanity to spark a conversation with her. On top of that, she's a true leader. She doesn't tell her subordinates what to do, she gets in the dirt with them and tells them to help her do what they're supposed to do. When in action, it's like art to watch from the outside. Her confidence spreads to those around her, and makes them want to stand with her. She reprimands anyone for doubting themselves, and uplifts them when they try something new even if it fails miserably. But the thing that makes others like Zelya the most isn't her lovable personality, but rather, the terrifying side of her. Many a tale was told of her days leading explorations where her group was in peril, and Zelya was the last one who was barely able to move. The sight of that was enough to ignite the flame in her heart and make it consume her entirely. That flame became determination, that determination became strength, and that strength become power. That power was so great that even monsters that took down their entire group before were unable to stand against her, and after showing such a terrifying display, she made her exploration group fall in love with her again with a show of friendship.

However, Zelya isn't all guts, glory, and friendship. She's still traumatized by her failure to save her village. She's terrified of the same thing happening twice, and that's the reason she fights so hard now. She's plagued by dreams where she watches her family be slaughtered around her, the guild razed to the ground, her sisters raped, and brothers flayed alive. She wakes up in tears, holding her own tail for dear life. Sometimes her guild notices that if she falls asleep on one of them, she always clings to their clothes with tears streaming down her face but they don't say anything about it since they figured she'd talk when she was ready. Zelya feels pressured by the weight of her position to always be the person they want her to be, the person they respect. She feels that if she ever showed anyone the weak side of her, any credibility she had would instantly be killed.

• Her Guild is extremely important to her. She's their head, their leader, but above all else, their big sister. As far as she's concerned, anyone who tries to harm them is asking for pain.
• Zelya's not sure why, but she enjoys sleeping a lot. If there's nothing for her to do, she can be found curled up, hugging her tail and knocked out cold.
• Head rubbing for Zelya can last hours since she'd much rather others didn't stop. She's addicted to the sensation, probably has something to do with her strange deformation.

• Zelya dislikes food that's over-salted, or under-seasoned. The taste is completely ruined for her and she loses her apetite entirely.
• She has a problem with misunderstandings, namely the relationship between Tartaros and Solar Phoenix. Many assume that she'd serve the High King beyond the grave, when in reality she'd turn on him instantly if he crossed the wrong line. But other matters being misunderstood gets under her skin as well.
• It's more of a petty peeve, but Zelya hates it when her tail gets dirty since it takes hours to get it clean again afterwards. May the divines show mercy on the poor bastard who dirties it and incurs Zelya's wrath.

• Zelya fears the day when Solar Phoenix no longer needs her at its' helm. She loves the guild, and wants to always be the one to help her subordinates grow and get stronger; both mentally and physically.
• She's also terrified of one day having to fight the city which she's contracted to help protect. Tartaros is her home, and she'd hate to have to fight the High King's army; but she'd destroy all of it for the right reason.
• The next God War... Zelya knows the state of the world now, and what happened after the first God War. She's terrified of what would happen if another war started.

• Head rubs are the ultimate motivator for Zelya. Wanna see her blast through a mountain of paperwork in under a minute? Offer a head rub reward, game on.
• When fighting she can become extremely motivated when she sees one of two things; either one of her guildmates gets hurt badly, or she's the last person standing and it's up to her to finish the fight.

• Zelya's main goal is to protect her family(guild). It doesn't matter what it is, danger, internal conflict, the High king, the Gods; she'll demolish them all if she has to.
• She's sworn herself to making her guildmates strong. If they're too weak to fight, she'll train them. If they're too weak to speak, she'll give them the voice of a lion. If they're too afraid, she'll teach them courage. Too passive, she'll give them aggression.
• A secondary goal to her guild, Zelya wants to get stronger herself. However, her personal pride makes her unwilling to lean on her guild and show them that she's weak. That way, they never know she needs help herself.

Combat Profile

Preferred Weapon: Bow
Secondary Weapon(s):
• Magic Gloves
• Daggers

Equipment Proficiency: Level 1
Magic Level: Level 4
Natural Ability: Resurrection Aura
Zelya is able to send out a wave of healing energy that resurrects and fallen allies, and heals all wounds. This can be done once, and consumes all of her mana. The range for this ability is 5 miles in radius, and it can only be activated if she has at least 25% of her maximum MP remaining.

Natural Passive: Magic Proficiency
Zelya's affinity for magic is powerful even among mages. She naturally has an invisible +2 to her Control stat, and -10% to the cost of her spells. The mana cost is further reduced by 1% per level above 1, and +2% at level 10 making it a maximum of 20% reduction.

Natural Power: Invoke Phoenix
A power that causes Zelya's hair and tail to become pure flames, this power causes her to become immensely powerful for a short period. When overwhelmed, or motivated enough she begins burning 10% of her MP reserves per post to increase her stats by 1 star each. This is increased by 1 star for each rank in magic she has.

Strength: 1
Perception: 5
Control: 10
Speed: 8
Agility: 8
Reaction Time: 7
Endurance: 1


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Re: Zelya Cisti

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Seems legit.
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